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Mother's Corn Cutie Spoon Set

Mother's Corn Cutie Spoon Set

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  • Each set comes with 3 spoons.
  • Perfect size for toddlers!
  • Do not microwave or sterilise this product, if you wish to sterilise, rinse only with hot water
  • Product Size (CM): L 2.5 * W 1 * H 4.5
  • Recommend Age: 2 Years
  • Product of South Korea
  • We are the authorised reseller for Mother's Corn Tableware. 


Why Mother's Corn?

  • They are made using Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and plant-based materials, such as corn and potatoes. PLA is a resin derived from the lactic acid extracted from vegetable starch. Minerals are added to reinforce the durability.
  • No toxic materials, such as heavy metals and environmental hormones, are detected in Mother’s Corn products. Mother's Corn ensure the safety of children by utilising only the safest and natural materials.
  • All Mother’s Corn products are biodegradable in nature, so once the products are disposed of, they fully decompose and dissolve in soil.