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FAQ - MommyJ

1) Is MommyJ products safe for my kids?
We have approval from Singapore Food Agency (formerly known as AVA) for import of MommyJ products into Singapore. Our stickers are on every products brought in by us. 

MommyJ has been selling in Malaysia since 2016 with strict quality assurance standard. The founder of MommyJ is a mother as well. Their products are PORK-FREE and are in the process of obtaining Halal Certification.

2) Is MommyJ food products good for my kids and family?
MommyJ made their products using 100% premium, natural or organic food ingredients.

The food powders are made with state-of-art dehydration technology with a right temperature. Therefore, the nutrients of different kind of foods can be retained such as protein, folic acid, iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins. MommyJ products are absolutely free from added salt, sugar or preservative. All of their products were lab tested by SGS.

3) How to store MommyJ Food Powder? 
Store in cool and dry area. Avoid exposing in contact with heat, moisture and excessive air exposure. For ultimate freshness, It is advisable to consume within 2 to 3 months after opened. Product has longer shelf-life due to moisture loss that prevents mould from growing. It is also not recommended for the food powder to be stored in fridge as it will increase the moisture content of the food. Ensure a dry spoon is used when scooping the food powder and close tightly after use.

4) How to store MommyJ products (ie. rice, soya sauce)? 
Organic Rice Grain - Store in cool and dry area. After opened,store in an air tight container and refrigerate.

Organic Soy Sauce - Store in cool and dry area.

5) Why selling price is higher than Malaysia?
Due to local licensing, GST, air-freight and other incurred cost, our price is slightly higher than Malaysia.

Though we are the SG main distributor for MommyJ, the selling price in Singapore is controlled by MommyJ in consideration of other existing dealers/resellers in Singapore to maintain a healthy and non-competitive environment for MommyJ products in Singapore.

6) How long can a jar of powder last for?
For frequent usage and cooking, normally consumer will replenish once every 2 to 3 months for more than 3 jars of food powder purchase at a time on average.

7) Why is there sedimentation of food powders after cooking?
Food powders are made from purest ingredient which some precipitation may naturally occur and colour may varies from batch to batch. It is normal for good powders to sediment once cooked due to the properties of powders as there are no added dissolvent. The sedimentation of food powders is safe to consume which contain nutritional properties inside it.

8) My baby just started solid food at 6 months old. Can she take the food powders?
Do refer to our product page for suitable age for each of the MommyJ Food Powder. MommyJ Food Powders are safe to consume for ALL, including pregnant and lactation mothers. If you are unsure, do consult your doctor about introducing new food into your diet.

9) Why there is some powder that stick on the internal wall of jar?
Most of MommyJ powders have superfine and smooth texture whereby it may susceptible to stickiness due to the presence of fibre or carbohydrate component particles as well as the ven der Waals attractions between particles and the glass jar.

10) Can I purchase from any SG retail store?
Currently is not available at retail store. We will announce once it is available at retail store.

11) How to use MommyJ Food Powder?
Food Food can be used for all food purpose. It is ready to be consumed or add into soup, porridge or any other cooking process.

🍳 Great for 🍳

🍀 baby‘s solid food.
🍀 porridge.
🍀 soup.
🍀 fried rice , noodles.
🍀 steam dishes.
🍀 stir - fry.
🍀 noodles soup.
🍀 stew.
🍀 marinade.
🍀 steamboat soup base

the possibility are endless !

For example: Stir FOOD powder into hot water for instant stock broth, then add in some rice/noodles, vegetables/meat into these stock broth for a delicious and complete meal.

Stay tune to recipes at our Recipes page.