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FAQ - Mama Cooks

1) Is Mama Cooks Fish Floss safe for my kids?
Yes, we have approval from Singapore Food Agency (formerly known as AVA) for import of Mama Cooks Fish Floss into Singapore. This product has been selling in Bangkok since 2017 with strict quality assurance standard. The founder of Mama Cooks is a mother as well. This product is also certified HALAL by Islamic Committee Office of Thailand.

2) What Fish is used for Ground Fried Fish Floss?
Tilapia Fish is used for Ground Fried Fish Floss. It is mild in flavour, low mercury, high omega-3 & protein. As this fish is from freshwater, this fish has very low possibility of allergy reaction to kids who are sensitive to seafood from "sea" (subject to 3-day wait rule).

3) Online said Tilapia Fish is not a good fish
There are many different saying from online sources on this fish. This fish is commonly found on Thailand's dining table, and is also available at Singapore's market, supermarket & restaurant as well. If the online rumours are true, Singapore would have stop the import of this fish. The fish floss sold in Singapore are usually made with Tuna, and there are also many good and bad saying about Tuna and Salmon. 
4) What is the difference between the 3 types of fish floss?
All 3 types have same texture. For the original range, it is suitable for 6m and above as it does not contain any seasoning.

For classic range, it is suitable for 12m and above, cater for the picky eater. It is lightly seasoned with organic seasonings. Our fish floss does not limit to infant & toddler, we do have non-parent consumers as well.
5) Why selling price is higher than Bangkok?
Due to local licensing, GST, air-freight and other incurred cost (ie. retail cost), our price is slightly higher than Bangkok. Many mummies don't mind the slightly higher cost as Mama Cooks Fish Floss has gave them alternative to their little one's meal and convenience.
6) How Mama Cooks Fish Floss are different from other retailer?
Mama Cooks Fish Floss is made with organic ingredients, with ingredients obtained from organic-certified supplier.

Our Mama Cooks Fish Floss has very low sodium level, no MSG, preservative & gluten-free. The fish floss in Singapore are usually made using Tuna, and some are very salty and strong fishy taste. We are also unsure of the ingredient content as usually they are sold in grams (loose).
7) How to store Mama Cooks Fish Floss?
Unopened packaging can be stored in cool & dry place. Once sachet opened, it has to be store in chiller and consume within one (1) month.
8) Other than porridge, can I add Mama Cooks to other food?
Mama Cooks Fish Floss blend well with almost all kid's menu, or even adult's food - pasta, rice, sandwich, puree, mashed potato, steamed egg/tofu, salad, fried rice etc.
Can even eat on its own!