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Why choose MommyJ Food Powder?

Dehydration Method

MommyJ uses Dehydration Method at best temperature, to retain upmost nutrients.

100% Hygienic, Not Heaty and Ready to Consume from the Bottle.

Super Fine Powder

Super Fine Texture, as smooth as baby powder!

Your baby & family will definitely love the super fine and smooth texture. 

UV Ozone Washing Method

Uses UV Ozone Washing method to remove at least 90% of impurity and salt, before send to dehydration machine for "cooking".

Why Choose Mama Cooks Fish Floss?

Ground Fried Method

Uses oil-free cooking method, at right temperature to retain most nutrients of the fish.

Mama Cooks Fish Floss is 100% Gluten-Free, rest assure is gentle to your little one's tummy.

Uses Fresh Fish Only

Only fresh fish are used to ensure only an "almost zero" fish smell.

We would not want your little ones to turn away to a "fishy" fish floss.

Made with Organic Ingredients

Our range for 12 months & above are mildly seasoned with organic & natural ingredients, specially for taste bud for picky eaters.